Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

I am in my comfy chair with toasted pumpkin seeds. The kids are out and I stayed home with jackolanterns lit and my porch light on. I have had a few small trick or treaters. The candy is not very tempting. The pumpkin seeds are good. I picked them out of the pumpkin gook and roasted them in the oven. Had not done it in years. I was sick this week. Last night was the worst and today I had to call in sick at work. It worked out nice though because after sleeping for 12 hours I felt good enough to do the grocery shopping, plus I was home after school to carve pumpkins with the kids. I still do not feel very good but better.

I was invited out tonight but staying home with the dog and handing out candy sounded good to me. Maybe a scary old movie and an early bed time. Last year I started November with gratitude and I am doing the same this year. I have much to be grateful for. For one, these pumpkin seeds are more inviting to me than the candy bowl at the moment! I am starting to feel really tired. So I am going to hit the couch..

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