Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy thoughts

Easter was wonderful. The kids appreciated the baskets, the egg coloring, hunting and the dinner. My daughter was really happy I was in the holiday spirit. She said she had thought I was not going to do anything because I had not mentioned it. Her friend came - and she had never gotten an Easter basket. Her father is atheist and mother is Buddhist so they don't really do Easter. She really enjoyed the festivities. It was nice to have the kids enjoying kid things at their older ages. I was good with the food. I really enjoyed the holiday especially because the kids enjoyed it so much. I did my morning exercise routine today and packed my lunch. I am feeling grounded and stable again. I am also feeling very grateful for the life I have.


LG said...

Looks like fun! :-)

Laura N said...

Had to laugh at your previous post on the bunny song. Sorry for the ear worm!

I think you & I notice our extra weight more than anyone else. I think you look great! & would never have thought you need to lose 10 pounds. But, you & I both know it's more important how we feel than what people think. 10 pounds makes a big difference at our size, you are so right. It makes me a full minute per mile slower when I run! Clothing is a big deal--mine are fitting better too. But the fitness aspect is just as motivating.

It is so great that you still do Easter for the kids. I love that. I want to do that for my kids when they are older, too.

Hope your week is going well.

Doc Manette said...

I like your dyed eggs. Last year we forgot to dye Easter eggs but this year I remembered (though the Easter Bunny always still showed up - with eggs or no eggs).

Glad you are enjoying life and at peace. Loved your pictures of you in your interview suits - so skinny!

Bea said...

Nice photo...and the eggs look good too. Stability is the name of the game. Not black or white, agony or ecstasy, but just life is good middle of the road. Cheers