Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I now have a second interview on this coming Monday. Friday night I bought a beautiful suit. I will have to post a picture. We took some but I hated them so I did not post them. I bought another on Saturday morning but it won't work for the second interview. It is a beautiful color but I want to go conservative. First interview suit was a beautiful chocolate brown. I got shoes and a bag to match. Second interview will be with higher ups. I want to be impeccable. I will do black or dark navy. I may even do more shoes and a bag. I see this as an investment. I am dressing for the part I want. Successful and well paid. So well put together is a must. I got compliments and thumbs up from co-workers on the first interview suit - so let's see how I do on the second. The clothes part is fun.

Work is stressful. And irritating. But I am glad I have a job. Parent company is making cuts and no more overtime is allowed. I feel like I can't get out the door fast enough but then again, I don't mind staying until the bitter end if a good opportunity does not come up. I still have time and I can always work with a recruiter.

Food has been not bad but not great. Not gaining. Not losing. Was grateful to fit perfectly, if not slightly loose in a ten for the suits. They feel good. My body feels kinda yuck though. Not much exercise. Really distracted with job stuff, and other things. But hanging in there.


Laura N said...

So glad you posted. Can't wait to see your pictures. You are right about looking good--you will feel more confident, too. It sounds like the job search is going well. I know it's all going to work out for you.

I'm in size 10s, too. I had to buy a few spring things for work b/c my 8s from last year are too tight. :( But the 10s fit a little loosely, so I didn't feel too bad about them. Except I hated having to spend $ when if I'd only lose 10 pounds everything would fit! Ugh. Ohh well.

Next week--we are coming to St Louis on Wednesday. Sophie's doctor appt is at 9 a.m. & we are leaving home at 4 a.m. I'm not sure how long we'll be at the hospital, maybe 2 hours or so? We'll likely eat somewhere in STL & then come right back home. I'm probably going to have my mom & both kids with me. I know it's a work day for you--I'm happy to pick a place where we could meet to eat lunch before we leave for home, but I'm not sure how flexible your work day is. If we don't connect on this trip, I know there will be other chances to. So, I'm open to hooking up if you are pretty flexible, time wise, but understand if you need more concrete plans b/c of work. Just let me know what you think.

Hang in there! Keep up your positive attitude. You will do great on your interview Monday!


Bea said...

Yes post pics of interview outfits. What will you be doing in the new job if you get it? How are the kids handling the transition? Take care.