Sunday, April 12, 2009

Keeping My Life Simple

Laura mentioned the Bunny Song in her recent post. and I have not gotten it out of my head since I read it. So I thought I'd put a link to it on my post today..reminds me of addictions, of any kind. But it's also rather catchy..

I won't be having any bunnies today - holidays are no longer an excuse to eat wildly. I learned from what really began with the bag of kit kats at Halloween and basically continued through valentine's day. Sure, not a huge gain - maybe some people don't notice. But to me it is twenty percent of my loss. My loss at it highest point was 58 pounds. As of today ten of it is still back. I gained twelve at the most. It was up and down, here and there but never all the way back down again. I will be happy with losing six or eight of what I have left. Perfectly happy. That still puts me at a normal BMI and a feel good weight.

But this is not so much about the number on the scale. It is about the habits and lifestyle I enjoy. I enjoy feeling a little bit hungry before my meals. I enjoy my clothes fitting nicely if not a tad loose. I enjoy feeling a little lighter and springier in my step. I enjoy keeping a simple basic food plan and not having to figure out a bunch of stuff to eat each day. So it feels nice to be back to my simple basics. I am celebrating that today, along with the holiday.

I planned our meal by letting daughter pick the meat dish which ended up as meatloaf. I am making her favorite sides and Grandson's favorite green bean casserole. We each have a jello dish. Mine is sugar free with grated carrots and a tad bit of pineapple and light cool whip. My meat dish is baked chicken breast. It's a really easy dinner to put together. It all goes in the oven. Carrots and potatoes right in with the meatloaf. Casserole and chicken breasts in their own separate pans. I have a tossed salad and some raw veggies, too. I won't be having the same things as the kids but I will be enjoying mine just as much.

My current favorite breakfast is spinach and eggs. It can be in the form of an omelet or a scramble. I sprinkle low fat cheese on top. Sometimes it's mozzarella with a sprinkle of black pepper and garlic. Or a light American over the omelet. It is delicious and healthy. No guilt, simple and satisfying.

Exercise is light right now but I am back in my morning routine of floor exercises. Working the abs and arms simultaneously. And my push ups, although harder with that ten pounds on. what a difference ten pounds makes in my current weight range. When I was 206 and I went down to 196 I did not notice so much...but now I have really felt it in my work outs. But not to worry. I have stopped gaining and am now going back down. I actually feel like I am loosing it back and willing to stay there this time. There is no sense of struggle or that feeling of being out of control.

I have a nice simple day planned. At some point we will color the thirty eggs I boiled (I can take some for lunch this week and use them in tuna salad, how handy) and hide them for our hunting. My teenagers still get a basket and love to color and hunt eggs. I will make the meal whenever we are all ready. No schedule to follow, just whenever I feel like it. I know big family holidays and gatherings are nice, but today I am grateful for my own little nest. Just the three of us plus one guest - daughter's best friend if she comes. Manageable, and simple.

I have been lounging all morning reading and doing nothing. Yesterday was a long trip day with Grandson to see his father. It was a very nice trip. Grandson and I had some nice talks on the way and it went very well with his Dad. I feel I have some support from him as far as encouraging Grandson to get his schoolwork finished on time and be respectful to me. I enjoyed the day very much. I am always tired the day after the long trip, so that's why I am lounging. Weather is supposed to be nice so perhaps a hike later or at least a bike ride or dog walk.

Simplicity - that's my theme of the day.


Vickie said...
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LG said...

It sounds like you had a good weekend, busy, and yet relaxing and as always with you, very reflective. (I did not click the bunny song as I was afraid it would invade my brain this morning...)

That's sweet that your kids want the basket and do the egg hunt. They really do sound like very good kids. :-) I hope your Monday goes smoothly!