Thursday, April 2, 2009

Interview Clothes

We took pictures (again) tonight of me in the interview wardrobe. My daughter and I agree that the pictures don't do the clothes justice. And, I look a bit slimmer in them in person. I am not fond of the photos but they are better than the first round we took. So scroll down and let me know what you think. The first interview suit is really lovely in person. Hard to capture in the pictures. Maybe I should photo this stuff on the hangers, it might look better!! Anyway, take a look. I have been doing really good in the evening with not eating after dinner except for a small snack if I really feel hungry. But I still feel like Mrs. Puff. I cannot complain though, the suits are tens and they are a teeny bit loose here and there. I am counting my blessings. It has been fun putting together outfits.


Vickie said...
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Laura N said...

GREAT clothes. And I totally know what you mean--you don't really look like you look in 2 D pictures. :)

The suits are very lovely, nicely proportioned for your body. LOVE the shoes. OMGosh, they are awesome. If I don't talk with you before, good luck with your interview Monday!

I'll keep you posted on our trip Wednesday. Will wait for your email with your phone & will send you mine, too.

Laura N said...

On Vickie's comment about the skirt lengths--I wouldn't shorten the choc. brown suit. Long is part of the look on that one, right? You could get away with having the 2nd suit shortened a bit, but I don't think it would make it look more professional. More flattering to your calves, perhaps, but not necessary for a professional look at your interview. I have a black skirt that is longer than I wear most of my skirts, but it's for subdued, serious occasions & I won't have it shortened. It's longer on purpose. Does that make sense?

Anyway, nice job on the choices.

Helen said...

You look great!!! I love the skirt on the first interview suit. I LOVE the shoes for the second interview (wish I could wear heels...have to live vicariously through you!). The second suit is a great progression...more serious as the interviewing process gets more serious. GOOD LUCK!

Bea said...

I also love those shoes. Love those shoes. I like the second interview suit. I like the long floaty skirt. More fun and flirty. You look like a lawyer in the other suit. Depositions anyone?

I don't know...I think you just might be able to carry off orange hair. Tee hee.

Laura N said...

Hey Cindy! I emailed you but it bounced back (I've got your email, maybe it's an old one?). You have my email at work and on my blog--can you send me your cell phone & I'll send you mine, so we can try to connect on Wednesday?