Sunday, November 2, 2008


Yesterday there was a garage sale in a building near mine. There was a couch that looked like it would be great for my hearth area. The hearth area is the final spot I needed to furnish to complete my home. I have been determined to find the right furniture at nominal cost. I even drove to the country to look at my buddy Joe's monstrosity of a couch last weekend. I had my doubts about it but was willing to use it if nothing showed up. I stalked the garage sale couch most of the day. They wanted too much for it. Every time I went somewhere I passed it. Each kid had a chance to confirm that it would be great in the hearth area, just right in fact. It makes into a bed which means it is very heavy. I decided if it was there at the end of the day I would make an offer. So as the man was putting things away, I stopped by. I found a dresser, a rocker, a foot stool, and a little vanity chair and made him a lump sum "bundle" offer. He took it.

My grandson and I had to try and get the heavy couch down the hill to our building. We were dragging and carrying and two neighbors came out to help. It was cool. I had faith that if I was willing to wait for the right couch, I'd find one I could afford. I had faith that if we started moving it down the hill, we'd get it there eventually and someone might even help. I know that the couch is insignificant in the big picture of life, but these little acts of faith add up to whole-ness somehow for me. I am sitting on the couch now. It is in excellent condition. My daughter had a friend over to spend the night and they broke in the sleeper. It had never been used. It is a small couch really but just right for the room. My dream of sitting in front of the fire is going to come true this year. And the little antique rocker is a bonus along with the other stuff. I have been watching sales in my neighborhood. People have nice stuff here.

Anyway, I had a mini date last night with the guy who tried to pick me up in the produce store. He had met me a year ago at a benefit I went to with my buddy Joe and other friends. He remembered me. I did not take him up on going to the picnic he told me about in the produce store, but ran into him again last week. He seemed so earnestly interested in me that I gave him my number. Joe said he was a big hearted nice guy but did not want to weigh in on whether he was right for me. The guy is a contractor and runs a deck and fence business and subcontracts other home improvement jobs. I met him for coffee and we went down to the river and he showed me a new spot. We climbed up on a gigantic log and sat. We got our feet muddy. I have to admit looking back it was nice and kind of fun. But he's kinda weird, and I left the date firmly believing that he would be nice to hang out with but no romance at this time. Thinking back on it today I feel slightly different but not much.

So here is the deal with complete-ness. It is not just my house, my hearth room that feels complete. It is me. Sure the guy is ok and it was nice to go out and be admired but I am so okay without it having to work out. I don't need to have this guy fit into "the one" scenario. I'd love to have someone to cuddle by the fire with, don't get me wrong, but I can wait. If there's a cuddler in my near future, great. If not, there's always the dog!


jen said...

I think your attitude is why things are working out for you so well -- you're happy with your life and not willing to settle. If you got a weird vibe from the guy, there's probably a good reason, even if you don't know why.

Congrats on the furniture find! How great that you have your room furnished just in time for fireplace season.

Vickie said...
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Helen said...

Excellent attitude!! While I do think that no one is perfect and relationships take work, I also believe that there has to be a real spark right at the beginning -- without that, you can't overlook the imperfections or muster the will to do the work. And being complete in YOU is the most important anyway...that way when The One shows up (and he will), you will be ready for him COMPLETEly. :-)

Laura N said...

Cindy, as I read the end of your post I kept thinking... your future guy will be like your new couch. You are waiting for the right one, and your patience will pay off. :)

Be sure to post a pic of your homey hearth setting if you have a chance. Hope you have a good week!

LG said...

You have one of the best attitudes in the world and I agree with Jen and everyone else. (Loved Laura's comment!)

Great job on the furniture and the date! :-)