Monday, November 24, 2008

Day one of Talking Scale

OK, now I know what the scale says when you gain. This is my first day and it said I was two pounds over my starting weight which was yesterday...I say EEK. The scale says "don't sweat the small stuff - if you are having a stressful day, exercise" which is a good idea. It also said to write down everything I eat. So I will. I can do those two simple things. My feet felt swollen when I awoke. I night ate low sugar, home made breakfast bars, several times in the night. I hot flashed all night and I am having one now. My exercise this weekend consisted of bowling, going up and downstairs at home with the closet/clothes cleaning project, and walking around the mall. Other than that I did no exercising. I thought I did good with food yesterday but blew it with the night eating of daughter's breakfast bars. I made them myself so she could have something healthy to eat in the mornings since she does not eat milk/cereal or eggs and she is sick of yogurt.

So, I won't sweat the two pounds even though it kinda shocked me. This bloating and swelling must have something to do with the hot flashing and, well, the night eating. I so much do not want to get into that cycle again. I gained like crazy in my night eating days. So, this morning I walked the dog briskly in the cold prior to leaving for work. It made me feel really good. And, as for night eating, what would be better is a cold bottle of water. I will keep that on hand. I slept on the couch which is too close to the kitchen, because my bed is stacked with clothes waiting to be washed. My room is under moth control. I have not seen many but I am not finished with the eradication project. It is ongoing.

OK. No sweating of two pound gain when I wanted loss. We don't always get what we want. I do feel like a puffy balloon. Maybe the pizza caught up with me and along with the tin of chocolate covered mints. Maybe I need to give Kay Sheppard a look. I have some underlying stress that I am not even facing. But overall, my daughter and I had a wonderful weekend together. We shopped on Sunday and then spent the afternoon and evening with a fire burning in the kitchen, me cooking and washing clothes and helping her study all cozy on the couch. I cooked chicken breasts and baked potatoes and made big salads. I skipped the potato but had the pumpkin custard I make with half the sugar but it still has calories and sugar. She does not like crust, so it's pumpkin pie without crust basically and less sugar with more spices. OK so I did not really watch my food so good. Writing it down will take care of that.

I will write down the food and exercise today, while drinking loads of water. And see if I can't get the scale to say something else tomorrow. I will take it's suggestion. Even if I am not having a stressful day, I will get some more exercise. I am disappointed, but night eating is always a weight gaining situation in my experience and it needs to be dealt with promptly. I am prepared with bottled water veggies already cut for an alternative. Even an apple could have been better in my opinion. Better if I had not awakened some five or six times....I even took something to help me sleep. What's the deal??

So today I am wearing my size ten pants instead of the sixes or eights and so they feel kinda loose, and I am celebrating my fuller figure and curves. I have plenty of clean clothes to choose from because of the ongoing closet project - Things I forgot I owned. I am wearing a very pretty scarf, it is a slimming attractive outfit. I put on make up and a nice fragrance and feel good about my body. I will do push ups in the file room and my ab work. I will try to get to the gym for intense cardio perhaps this evening, but I am not sure how I to fit that in. If not, I can go up and down those four flights of steps and take a very brisk, fast walk and take another doggie walk tonight.

There is a solution. More will be revealed!

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