Friday, November 7, 2008

Today's Inspiration

My reading this morning was so good I have to re-print it here. It is from a book called Forgiving and Moving On. It's a collection of daily readings.

November 7
Today I recognize that constantly craving things keeps me locked in a cycle of binging and purging the stuff of life. The world can only give me so much. My true happiness lies in the realization and communion with myself and my Higher Power. When I think that I need a new car, house, or person (add for me - a better body, job or some chocolate, etc..), I am not recognizing that my real happiness does not depend upon moving the externals of my life around. When I am at peace with myself, I will be able to see clearly what I need to create for satisfaction. I will let go of the feeling that I will only be happy when I give all my power away to things and people outside myself. Contentment is an inside job; until I can feel it within me, nothing I do outside will have a lasting effect.

I see craving as a cycle of self-abuse.
What poison is to food, self pity is to life. Oliver C. Wilson.

Then, here is what I got from the Universe -

It takes a BIG person, Cynthia, to accept full responsibility for their own happiness.It takes an even BIGGER person to accept full responsibility for their own unhappiness.But, Cynthia, it takes a spiritual GIANT, who upon realizing any degree of unhappiness, decides to be the change they seek - in spite of having to endure the "same old, same old" that may still linger on for awhile. Yeah.
Fee-Fi-Foe-Fum, The Universe

These are so amazing! They describe much of my philosophy of life. I was feeling icky this morning from eating sweets and salts and over amping on caffeine much of the week. But I had already made a decision at bedtime last night to de-tox with green tea, and a week one crack the fat loss code food plan today. After my readings I feel totally at peace with myself. I know what to do to take care of myself, including my body. And I am doing it right now.

Happy Friday!!!!!!! More will be revealed!!!!


Laura N said...

Great stuff, Cindy. I'm going to be joining you soon on the cracking again. It is scary how easy it is to fall back under the spell of bad carbs.

Enjoy your weekend!

Helen said...

After a "bad" week with food, getting tough and planning a GREAT week next is the thing to do. Not letting the slide become and landslide into the abyss! Good for you...I'm with you. And, yes, I'm gonna read that book soon... ;-)

Bea said...

Wow "you read the best books." "I see craving as a cycle of self abuse." Good grief hit me with a stick will you. Craving = self abuse. I can hang on to that. I can write it on the fridge and the cupboards. I can quote it to myself as I am inhaling ice cream. I can love myself with that statement. Thank you.