Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bagel Day

What is it with the Bagels????? Bagels, Bagels, Bagels...why can't they bring veggies or something. Or skip the food. Give us money.

OK that's my vent about Bagel Day. I know I don't have to eat them but I find the ones with the sunflower seeds and whole grains very very very hard to resist lately.

On a positive note - I had the phone screen and two hours later got called back to schedule a real interview. It will be Monday. I will be buying a new outfit for the occasion. I hope I feel good about whatever size I am fitting into these days. I need to stay positive. Daughter has been having sleep problems and all her other health stuff, with the tonsils and you name it. Missing school and it is getting to me. I was grumpy yesterday and retired early, away from all food. Only to face Bagel Day this morning. Ooops I wasn't gonna talk about BD anymore.

So for the rest of the day I want to be positive. Job interview is a positive thing. Shopping is something to look forward to. I can think of happy things. It just seems to take a little more effort today.

More will be revealed...


Bea said...

Bee-uu-ti-full photo. I love bagels. Not just sort of love, but love love them. Thank God husband hates them. Good luck on job interview. You will wow them with your looks.

jen said...

Good luck on the interview and the shopping. :)

Laura N said...

Your profile pic is gorgeous, Cindy. Very very pretty.

Hope shopping goes well this weekend for Monday. Looking forward to hearing about what you found to wear.

The interview will be good practice even if it's not the job for you. I know you will find the positive in whatever happens.

Sorry to hear about your daughter being ill. I know how much that can throw you off.

Take care of yourself!!!

Helen said...

Good luck on Monday!!! :-)