Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ahh at last!!!! The Friday of all Fridays!!

The joy of unemployment (with pay) is finally upon me. Today is my first day off. In fact it is the first day that I have not worked in two weeks straight because I worked a few hours each on last Saturday and Sunday. It feels really good. I find that people have a hard time understanding why I feel so good. But it matters not. I know why. It's because I can relax and take it easy. It is because I have faith that everything is going to turn out just fine. It is because I can stay in the moment and appreciate it for exactly what it is.

Yesterday we had my goodbye lunch, I packed files up to be shipped to Ohio and did a little more training for the person taking over my role in The Project. I left work early and went to physical therapy afterward. It was a good way to transition. My back was hurting and after PT it felt good again. My daughter's surprise party was last night so there was little time to contemplate my unemployment. I did let out a big Woo Hoo as I drove across the bridge that takes me home each day.

When I was checking out in the grocery store with the cake, I got a call from the company where I had my Wednesday interview. It was the in-house recruiter telling me that they were very interested in moving forward with an offer but she needed me to fill out and return the application she gave me Wednesday. I brought it home and had not had a chance to fill it out. I told her I'd scan it and e-mail it to her. She said I'd be hearing from them next week.

It felt good to have something promising in the works but I want to savor the lack of work for a bit. I already told them I was going to take some time off before working again. Not too much, but enough. I will see what they offer and how I feel about it all next week. Right now I am enjoying the ease of having nothing hanging over my head. Of course there is housework, bills to pay, the usual, but I don't have a time crunch. It is Saturday but I don't look at the clock and feel the time is ticking away and I have to do things before the weekend ends. I have time and that's a very nice feeling.

I am unwinding and enjoying life. I dropped the dog off to be groomed so he can look good for all the walks we will take. I had a lazy breakfast at the coffee shop while reading writing a little. Then I found a great big beautiful canvas at the thrift store to hang over my bed in my room. It compliments the color of my walls which I have had trouble getting used to. The blend of colors really improves the overall color scheme of the room. I have been doing bits of decorating for a while now. On a budget, of course. I find that I can get pictures at the thrift shop and use the frames to frame other prints that I like. The good stuff goes fast so I stop by often to see what is new and if there is something good I go ahead and get it.

I gained a few pounds from Wednesday to this morning but it was from eating out and celebrating daughter's birthday. I feel like it is coming off as we speak. I am relaxed and eating sanely along with drinking plenty of water. I did some exercises this morning and plan to do some dog walking or biking tomorrow. Today's main theme is rest. Lots and lots of rest. Delicious, luxurious rest. Everything can wait. Nothing has to be taken care of immediately.

That being said, I think I will take a little nap!

More will be revealed...


Vickie said...
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Anonymous said...

congratulations! You sound so relaxed : ) Enjoy your time off.