Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Job New Habits

Or maybe I should say return of the not so old new habits.. The habits that slowly melted away 56 pounds or so, the habits that enabled me to feel free from the bondage of overeating, the habits that enabled me to feel in control and hopeful, enthusiastic and healthy. I am not so far away from the "normal" BMI that I visited a few times in the last year and a half. Not far at all. My mini vacation was great. I behaved pretty good but could not resist nibbling at the Chicago style pizza we ordered in the hotel room on the first night when we were soaked from walking the Magnificent Mile in the rain. Actually for us it was more like a Magnificent two miles..because we walked the wrong way at first when we were looking for the Art Institute.

I was up a couple of pounds when I returned to the scale yesterday and today. In spite of all the walking (the next two days were dry) and even a morning swim on Sunday, and the mostly good eating I was still stuck and feeling kind of swollen. I am paying close attention to sodium content in my food and drinking extra water. I am writing down what I eat and adding it up. I am blogging tonight after dinner, far, far away from the kitchen. I feel good. I feel optimistic. It is raining again but I am seeing it as the soothing, nourishing rain. The mesmerizing soft sounding, hypnotic rain that lulls me to sleep.

It is the second day of New Job. I was able to shop on my way to work and buy a supply for the week of healthy lunch and snack food. Cottage cheese and blueberries, a lettuce and herb mix, low sugar/carb whole grain bread, turkey breast (gotta watch that sodium on the sandwich meat). I am label reading and putting things back that have too many ingredients. I bought organic salad mix. I brought plenty of herb tea. I am prepared. I have a system of writing my food down on a big post-it note in my calendar book. I tally the day as I go along and keep track of what is left in my "bank" of calorie/fat/etc. Again, gotta watch that sodium. My feet feel swelly and it concerns me.

New Job is fine. I have my own office (whew!) and this one has a door and no interior windows so I can do a few exercises here and there. Speaking of exercises - I have been doing good with my upper back/neck exercises. All the driving on the trip did not have a negative impact because I have exercises and stretches I do while in the driver's seat. Yesterday I forgot about it all while on the New Job and in the evening I hurt for the first time since being off work. So I did my stretches and exercises last night and on little breaks today. I feel much better. Keeping up with simple things that don't take much time can really pay off. The exercises and stretches take minimal time and effort and the pay off is that I feel good. Recording my food intake and doing a little shopping trip and prep do not take too much time in comparison to the pay off of feeling like I can take off these ten pounds and move on.

It's after eight in the evening and I must get ready for bed. Sleep is a huge investment in feeling good and lower my risk of overeating. It is healing and renewing. I like to read positive things before I sleep or look at pictures that make me feel good. Like the horse nibbing at my car that I have included in this post for your viewing pleasure. I sure hope to blog regularly now that I am back in a routine.

More will be revealed!!

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