Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I wanna lose ten pounds...or something!

I am getting inspired to re-do my eating and get charged up about exercise. I have already stocked up on lean protein to cook today and freeze. I have also had time to relax and time to look at blogs like I used to. I found this one - http://findingradiance.com/ where she photographs her meals and posts about experimenting with veggies. I want to make this exciting again. I have been in a weight loss slump for a year basically. It was a sort of maintenance but mostly a gain that I struggled to lose back and re-gain. So it would be nice to move on with some freshness.

The losing my job preoccupation is over. The finding a job project never had to begin. I accepted a nice offer from that company I interviewed (and lunched) with a couple of weeks ago. I could lose a few pounds and be content but I'd like a little excitement and an overall better feeling of fitness. My exercise has been a huge slack over the past few months with the exception of bike riding and morning basic exercises. It might be nice to try something new, really new.

So, the new job starts on October 26th which gives me a little more time to relax and get into some better habits. Also, going back to work while I am still on severance and getting paid by the old job opens up the door financially to spend a little more on weight loss if I wish. For example, a class, or a trainer and more expensive foods that I normally avoid on a budget. Not sure if I am ready for a trainer but some classes or joining the gym that has a pool could be nice. I just need something to get excited about, something to peak my interest and keep me motivated.

For now though I am getting back to basics of tracking and portion control, whole grains and natural foods. And avoiding sugar and things that only make me want more. I'd like to feel satisfied and energized by food. Not sluggish or craving more.

So here is to a new start for me. And soon, a new job as well. They wanted me to start on the 19th but I told them I wanted another week. That gives me a solid three week break. I already feel completely divorced from the old job. And I feel excited when I think about the new one. I will make a little more money there plus it is a new industry for me and a different type of setting. I am also excited about putting together a little bit of a new wardrobe although I don't want to shop too much in current size. But the interview suits fit good and I have plenty of skirts to mix and match with a few new sweaters, jackets, boots and so on. Things I can continue to wear after I lose.

I will probably start a new weight loss ticker and fess up to current weight, whatever it is, on tomorrow morning. Maybe even take "before" pictures... And be more accountable. I have been too often distracted in the past months...

more will be revealed..


jen said...

Congratulations on the new job. You were always confident that something would be there, and it was.

My guess is that the clincher was how great you looked in those new clothes.

Vickie said...
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Helen said...

Congratulations on your new job...and the three weeks before to savor it! :-)

Lori said...

Hi! Thanks for the shout out to my blog!

It's always great to get the mojo back, isn't it?