Friday, October 16, 2009

Stuck, but cozy

My scale is stuck. It is weird. I have been eating less, and better foods. Usually a gradual entrance into weight loss like this yields a result. But I am stuck. I will have to take the food intake down another notch. And change some more things. And be patient. I still have the habit of losing track in the evening. So I will make a greater effort to write down and measure everything. It is the only way I have found that I can stick with any plan. I get too out of touch with how much is going in.
I was reading an article about eating habits of other countries. The takeaway was this: Eat meals without distraction, not while doing something else such as driving, watching TV, etc. Eat meals at mealtime and eat with others. Sit down and eat making eating the activity. Stop before the sensation of being full hits. That sounds simple enough. My daughter and I were talking about eating habits. She pointed out that food is associated with activities that could and should just be enjoyed without food, like the movies, the zoo, the bowling alley and roller rink, even the batting cages and miniature golf. Food is sold along side of everything, even physical activities. I guess it is nice but it leads to overeating. I'd like to make our meals a nice relaxing time of day. Breakfast on school days is the biggest challenge. Too often we eat on the go. And then I lose track of the intake plus I enjoy it less. Surely I have three times during the day that I can totally stop and relax and eat a meal. I am going to make that a priority.
Anyhow, that's my thought for the day. I still feel swollen, and puffy. I had a salad bar on the way home from a surprise visit to my parents. I think there is hidden sodium in salad bars because the next day I was up in pounds and puffy. I also had soup which probably had a high salt count as well. That's why I like to make my own food. It is the only way I can really have an accurate measurement of what's going in. I have been drinking plenty of water. Exercise has been zilch. I have not felt like it. The weather is gloomy, rainy and wet. The entire week has been this way. Nice for reading, sleeping and even shopping. Indoor exercise is totally doable but for some reason I have not returned to the gym.
I feel optimistic in spite of being a bit stuck. I have enjoyed being off work but at times miss a routine. The kids and I are going to have a little holiday in Chicago next week. We did not have a vacation this year due to the impending job loss so. I got a room in the downtown area walking distance from the art institute and the magnificent mile. We are staying two nights, Thursday and Friday of next week. It will be fun. It will involve eating out and that is why while I have the ability to control every morsel of food I want to take advantage of it. I am looking forward to taking the kids on a family trip where it is just us and we can do things together. Family bonding. I plan on walking and using public transportation. Will valet the car and not get it out until we leave. Parking is really expensive. Plus it will be fun not to drive. It will be an adventure. And I like adventures. I don't plan to stray far, though, and keep it to the area where the two museums are that we want to visit.
I am off to do a few exercises, and try and perk, up on yet another grey day. I hope the sun comes out next week and I have a decent day for a long bike ride down the trail. I have not fulfilled that dream yet. I had a couple nice rides last week but have been traveling and getting things done since then. The rain also gets in the way of the biking. But there's always the cozy curling up with a good book or magazine. It is also chilly enough to light a fire. . .
Anyone with Chicago tips please chime in. We want to go to the art museum and the museum of science and industry. That may take up most of our time but we'd also like to eat somewhere that is unique to Chicago. It may be rainy but if we get clear weather we want to go to the lake shore for walking.
Happy Friday!!!


Vickie said...
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Doc Manette said...

Have a great well deserved vacay!

Thanks for the resume tips - I had really made my resume too generic and not enough about me and my accomplishments.

If I read the comment you left correctly, it sounds like you were offered a job?