Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Best Bike Ride

This morning I had the best bike ride. I went to the trail right after dropping daughter off at school so it was around seven thirty. I rode to the middle of the bridge over the river to see the red sunrise sky. There was a cloud covering that took on a bright red/pink shade. It was very nice. Then I rode down the big hill to the river trail. I rode further than I have been on this particular trail and then turned back to go further in the other direction. I had not had breakfast or even coffee so I was not going to make this a marathon, I just wanted to see areas I had not seem before and then go home for breakfast. I ended up biking for a full hour. The finish is going up a very long steep hill. They made it a gradual climb but it is still steep and long. I felt very accomplished when I finished. I know I feel a little out of shape these days but I must still be in pretty good shape to do that hill!

So now I am home sipping my coffee with one tablespoon of fat free half and half for whopping ten calories. I also made a hot whole grain (seven grain) cereal. I have never had this cereal before and I was debating what to put in it and decided to eat it without anything so I could taste the grains. It is very good in it's natural state. I like to taste foods in their most natural state before adding other foods or flavors. I can taste the grains and there is already a variety of flavors going on. Delicious. I love warm cereals. I rarely add anything but perhaps fruit or a splash of milk, sprinkle of cinnamon, occasionally a dab of really good peach preserves.

What a great way to start the day! One thing I have noticed on my biking and drives lately is that the prettiest leaves so far are right in my neighborhood, outside my house in fact. Gives me a pleasant feeling to arrive back at home and see the grand finale of fall colors right in front of me. I appreciate my home very much. I thought I'd be doing a lot of house cleaning on my time off but it turns out I haven't and I am okay with that. I was sort of stressing about it and my daughter suggested I just use this time to enjoy and not worry so much about cleaning. We always have cleaning to do. This is a special time for me to do things I enjoy, while also taking care of some things before I start working again. I do love where I live and even when it is a bit messy I still enjoy the cozy atmosphere. I realized lately that my home is decorated much like the cozy coffee houses I enjoy. I choose comfy furniture, variety in seating. It's just a nice place to sit and read, gather round a table, enjoy a meal, or a fire. I really like the way it is put together, indoor and out.

I have been downing myself lately for not keeping off those nagging ten pounds. I have been focusing on the negatives of my body instead of the positives. I never lose weight that way. So I am turning it around and appreciating what I have to work with. I have kept 50 pound off that I lost over a period of years. There was a time when I never I would lose even that much. I exceeded my own expectations. It is fine to want better and to keep striving but I want to remember to be grateful for accomplishments and keep positive. That lurking self loathing needs to be backed down so I can gain my momentum and move forward.

More will be revealed!!


Lori said...

Lovely path! You are lucky to have great paths to ride on.

Always be positive, that will help you get off those 10 pounds a lot easier than if you beat yourself up :D

Vickie said...
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