Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Re-claiming my life

Yesterday was one of those cool, crisp, clear blue sky October days. The leaves are just starting to turn colors, too. I took my bike into the historic riverfront area and rode. I went to my coffee shop to read and journal. It was perfect. Later I had my final of eight therapist appointments. I may be able to get more approved but I may not really need them. Still, it is very good for me to go. I don't remember much more about the day except I watched some TV and a movie later with daughter. I am starting to unwind and relax. I also got a book in the mail that I had ordered. I read. Daughter and I took dog for an evening moonlit stroll at the riverfront, too. It was a day doing things I love.

My first couple of days off work I still felt a little anxiety. I also had odd dreams about working, not working at the old job but weird working dreams. I think things are just lifting out of me. It rained early this morning. I woke up and heard the thunder coming and then relaxed and went back to sleep with the soothing rain. It is still wet and cloudy out which makes for a nice morning to be cozy in bed reading, and blogging. The leaves rustle outside my window in the breeze. It makes a restful sound. I do not have to do anything until 3 pm when we have an orthodontist appointment.

My back has felt great since Friday's physical therapy. I may not need to go as much anymore. I am very grateful I had the therapy when I needed it. I have been thinking of all the things I am grateful for and noticing that nowdays I take care of myself with out even thinking about it. I think I will take a walk with the dog in between the rain showers. And perhaps a nap.

I feel like I am getting back to my normal self. My balance was a little off for a while. I need rest and time. And I have both today.

The pounds gained last week are coming off. My body feels pretty good, just a tad too puffy but easily taken care of with some exercise, right eating, and lots of water!

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