Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Proclamation

For me Halloween symbolizes the start of the "eating holidays'"so this year I am celebrating by not eating any Halloween candy! No candy shall pass my lips. That's the Halloween Proclamation. I want to be a pound down tomorrow. And I believe it is possible if I eat the yummy veggies and fruits. In fact right now I am nibbling crisp apple slices dipped in yogurt. I am not a big Halloween person anyway. The timing in my life is such that I will be losing weight during the Holidays and that's a good thing because it means I won't gain any. That's the bright side. I had somewhat of an epiphany at Halloween 2006. I even went to a support group the next day. So Halloween is special in a different sort of way for me now. It is more about my right to choose and treat myself good. The scariest thing in my life is my room and I think I will spend the evening cleaning it up!

Happy Halloween!!!!

It is 8:40 p.m. and no candy has passed my lips. The bowl is still full and sitting out next to the jack-o-lantern. It can sit there forever. I never use the front door. The kids can dispose of it. I don't want them eating it either, but I have decided not to touch it. Ever. The postman can have it. Possums can carry it away. It is exiled. Banished. Maybe the big older kids that come out without costumes later in the evening will take the whole thing.....


jen said...

Good for you! I limited myself to three pieces: A Sugar Daddy (which took forever to eat), a mini Kit Kat and a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. 6 points in candy is a lot for this Weight Watcher, and I have to say that the thrill wasn't there -- they tasted good but not spectacular. Maybe next year I will be able to be more like you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to you, I haven't raided my Youngest's candy. I have a milky way she gave me....but it is unopened in the garage (so far) and I had a small hershey bar. I wish I could say it didn't appeal to me, but it does, but I know I don't need it. Thank you for the proclamation, and great job!