Sunday, October 14, 2012

Handling situations

I wanted to go to pot luck dinner last night for a support group I attend. I was not interested in eating, mainly wanted to hear the speakers and say hi to people. At first I thought about having a food budget for the event and trying to find foods that fit my needs but quickly ruled that out. Past experience has proven potluck food to be outside my parameters. So here's what I did: I ate before arriving, brought a large bottled water and hot tea, plus one stick of gum. I arrived shortly before the speakers, at the tail end of the eating part. That gave me time for any hellos. I ignored the food tables, they were nonexistent in my experience of the event.

I enjoyed the evening very much. I sipped my water and tea, and took in the event food free. At home afterward I had my planned evening meal and went to bed relaxed, happy and satisfied. This was all very easy.

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