Monday, October 22, 2012

The blahs

I have been feeling a little down and lacking enthusiasm. I think I was used to carb highs and comfort eating. Now I am out here in reality without a crutch. I did not feel like exercising last week but I did it anyway. I am hanging in there though and believing the blahs will pass. Not quite blue enough to be the blues.


Laura N said...

they will pass, but during the blahs it's tough.

The blahs hit me when my hormones kick in about a week after my period & a few days before my period (2x a month is so not fair). Also, my SAD kicks in pretty bad starting at end of Sept/October, & just gets worse from there. The SAD light I use has been a life saver.

And yes, I agree, without the sugar to numb the feelings, they come out & we FEEL. Which is often very hard. For me, food was not just comfort but a companion, esp at night. Which is MESSED UP. But that is what it was. I'm trying to find companionship in books more & more, and divorcing myself from food.

Monday at my OA meeting someone made the comment "You can't have a relationship with an inanimate object." Simple & profound.

Take care of you!

Vickie said...
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