Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I have been cutting in half what I want to eat. After I eat it I wait a little bit to see if I need to eat the rest, or if I am satisfied. I can then either eat the rest, or save for later.

This stretches the food budget and tunes me in to how much I actually need.

I am also eating slower, a huge milestone for me. Since I don't starve myself, I am not famished when it is time to eat, inhaling food in a state of emergency. I am hungry but still have my wits about me.

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Laura N said...

Hi Cindy. Glad you are posting & good to see you doing well. I will start checking in here again. I feel like I keep in touch b/c of Facebook, but of course that's not quite the same. :)

Take care & see you back here soon.