Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Clearing My Mind

Yesterday morning we found a car. I negotiated the deal and it needed some work so I did not have to do anything more on that project until this afternoon. I had a little time where I did not absolutely have to do anything. Sure, there was the usual, the messy room, and other projects, but I did not have to do them so I decided to go to my mind clearing, healing place. The waterfalls near my friend's house where I took my grandson and his friend. It was pretty spur of the moment, but I'd had it in the back of my head in case I had the time. I took off around 2:30 and I was walking the path to the falls by 5 p.m.

I am SO glad I did it. There is something about sitting in the falls with the water rushing around me. It drowns out all the sounds of the other people around, and the noise of my thoughts. I stayed for three hours. I swam, and I climbed, and I sat in the pools beneath the falls where the water bubbles and rushes. I let the falls massage my back and neck. I meditated. I healed. I felt absolutely sedated afterward. It is my spa.

I spent the night at my friend's house. We visited before I went to bed. I went to the barn while they fed and rounded up the herd of 32 goats. I slept very well. In the morning I had coffee with my friend, and then I went back to the waterfalls. I only had about an hour, and I spent it taking photos, swimming and some waterfall sitting. I was one of the first ones to arrive and it was very quiet. What a perfect way to begin a day!

My food has been good. I am keeping the two pounds off and hoping to move ahead this week with a little more. My exercise for today and yesterday was rock climbing and swimming, plus the walk to and from the river. I want to go to the falls in my mind when I need to retreat and clear my thoughts. I am going to practice this.

More will be revealed.


Bea said...

I'm back. I left the same message with Vickie. The wifi guy just left. I am sitting in my kitchen typing this. It is hard to use the laptop after the regular keyboards but I will get used to it.

I have really missed you guys. I feel like someone just sewed my legs back on. I have much reading to do to catch up with both of your lives.

I am going to try to blog this evening out on the deck if the pig smell does not drive me back inside. The piggies smell pretty bad in the hot weather. Okay I have to go and make supper for us. Looking forward to hearing from you. Love Lynn

Laura N said...

the falls sound amazing. what a fantastic way to find healing.