Sunday, July 24, 2011

Letting Go of Old Stuff

In the interest of moving forward and clearing away the past - Today I am cleaning my room. FINALLY. It is an important part of leaving my years of depression behind. I am throwing away, and giving away, things that I no longer want, use, or need. I need space, I need to be lighter. This is the from the inside out project. The inside of my room, the inside of me. There is a realationship. I don't need to hang on to all of this stuff, some of it is just trash. My food today is very nice. I feel hopeful and calm. As I go through things I am aware of feelings, but they can drift away after I feel them. I have felt some sadness, some anger, some loneliness, but they are only feelings and I let them drift away. I have on some comforting old black and white movie in the background. It's cool in here, away from the toxic air outside.

There is so much stuff, I may not get through it all in one day, but I am making progress and not giving up. I am happy to be doing it, and I am not rushing myself.

More will be revealed.


Laura N said...

I am doing that, too. I think it makes a huge difference, whether we are cluttered or not and whether we feel on top of our environment or not, and how we do with our food. It is also self perpetuating. Once you clean up one part of your life, you want the others cleaned up, too.

A little at a time works well. It's when we think we have to do it all NOW that it is overwhelming, and then we do nothing. You are doing it right.

Vickie said...
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