Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Letting go of Old Beliefs

One of my newer meditations (I make them up myself) is visualizing I am a butterfly flitting from flower to flower on a warm, soft, sunny day. It works for me. I invent my own meditations to work in different situations. I read an article about beliefs this morning - as they relate to weight loss. I still have some self defeating beliefs about food, my body, and weight loss. I am going to focus on letting go of them this week. I can recognize them when they come up and find positive ways to let them go. I can replace them with a new statement, I can blow them away and watch them drift off into the sunset. I am creative, so surely I can come up with all kinds of fun ways to do this!

I went to the gym last night after working late, and NOT feeling like going. But I was SO glad I went. What a mental boost. I still fell asleep at a decent hour and slept very well.

More will be revealed!!


Laura N said...

love the meditations. your pics are gorgeous.

good for you getting to the gym even with the I don't wanna's. I didn't make it yesterday--let them overtake me. I am going to the gym today, before I even go home. I'm done for once I'm home, so I need to do something else that works instead of trying the same thing over and over and failing over and over.

Keep it up, Cindy. You are making great progress.

Vickie said...
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