Friday, July 15, 2011

Staying Motivated

I had my bigger breakfast again today. Yesterday worked out well, meaning I stayed with my plan all day. In the evening we went to car lots. It was a bit depressing because there is nothing much, if at all, in our meager price range. It takes more searching. I suppose that was my workout. Getting kind of frustrated, but I know that I will have more time to myself this weekend, and being off Monday and Tuesday, to workout.

I want to stay motivated even if I do not get results right away. I do not like that I have gone all week without a workout. I have not even taken my walks at work because the car business has impacted my work schedule and I have been staying in for lunch so I can arrive late/leave early, etc. I know I can get back to normal soon, but it makes me uneasy.

Just checking in really, have to get back to work. Drinking herbal tea has helped feel satisfied in between meals. Bigger meals also help staying satisfied longer. And, Vickie is right, the evening is emotional eating time. I need to work on that, to get better evening balance.

More will be revealed!

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