Sunday, July 17, 2011


Last night at a birthday BBQ I ate cucumber tomato salad while others were eating birthday cake!!! Yahoo for me. I lost two pounds this week. This morning I went to the gym and had a very nice workout. I am glad to get back to it. We have been car hunting with no luck, but I realized last night that I am good at this and not willing to settle. We only need to find one car. I can do this. Daughter gets stressed but I stay positive and very encouraging.

So today is devoted to taking care of myself and maybe some cleaning and organizing.

More will be revealed.


Vickie said...
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Cindy...154 said...

I eat raw unsalted nuts. I can eat them in a salad so long as there are no more in the house. They have always been a trigger but I love them and they are a good food. So I get them on a salad when eating out. But I have been unsuccessful keeping them around the house.

Laura N said...

Good for you skipping the cake. Truly, most bday cakes are not very good. We eat them b/c they are there and everyone else is eating them. There are very few cakes that are delicious, IMO. Most are so sugary sweet and greasy (icing) that they aren't even good.

Glad for the 2 pounds of results for you. That has to be motivating.

Good luck with the car shopping. Patience will pay off. Hang in there.

It's good to post even when you don't get immediate feedback from commenters. It's good just to get your thoughts out there & stay accountable to yourself.

Hope your week goes well & you get some walks in. The heat is brutal. We have heat advisories and probably ozone alerts soon. When you can't even breathe the air safely, something is very wrong with that picture!

Proud of you for sticking with it.