Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Curly Girl, Breakfast and Brand New Day

Last night I went to an event at a salon for "curly girls" and this is my "after" picture. I almost did not go, but a friend invited me and I wanted to stop by and meet her and one of her other friends. I did not feel so good, and did not like what I was wearing, so I was not prepared for all the attention. They ended up doing a before and after pic and spending a couple of hours on my hair, for free, but I bought stuff afterward, of course. The good part about this is that I showed up and participated in spite of the urge to start hiding out again. The not so good part is that I did not get to shop for food because I got home way later than planned.

So, today I had no time to fix breakfast and none of my easy stuff to bring, so I stopped and got an egg white spinach feta wrap at a somewhat trustworthy spot where I get coffee.

I looked it up when I got to work, and it had good protein but the wrap put it over the top on carbs and sugar, why sugar in a wrap? Please. But it was a bigger breakfast and I feel satisfied. I brought lunch and have a safe place to get food nearby if I need to get dinner.

I meet my workout buddy tonight for a more challenging workout. I still feel bloated but drinking tons of water. Wish the food had been perfect for breakfast, but glad I got something, and that I know what I ate. I am committed to daily posts.

Here's to moving on! I'm a little scared and appreciate all the support!!

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