Thursday, July 14, 2011

Prepared and Somewhat Hopeful

I looked at a car last night after work, grocery shopped, and did not have time make it to the gym. I sacrificed the gym because I could go tonight. We were out of food. I was exhausted. I needed to go to bed at a decent hour. So many conflicting priorities. Grocery shopping is a work out of sorts, but not like my gym workout. I feel like a blob, though. Even though in reality, I am not a blob. A little padded, but not a blob. I only feel like one. And feelings can change. Sometimes with the blink of an eye, and a deep breath.

I bought healthy food, and came home to chop and cook. Today's breakfast is oat bran with blueberries, one egg, poached with spinach. I am hoping this is a good way to start the day. It is still a little short of three hundred calories, but seems to be packed with good nutrition and no bad stuff.

Lunch is salad greens, chicken breast, tomatoes and cucumber with a red wine vinegar, cracked pepper mix, and a little Parmesan. I have Greek yogurt and flax flakes with more blueberries. I so hope this is a good plan. It is better than yesterday. I am drinking lots of water, and have cut the caffeine way down.

I feel prepared, a little timid, slightly frustrated (I weighed myself this morning) but hopeful. Working on my positive thinking....

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Laura N said...

good for you! Glad to see you regularly posting. I think it helps, a lot. keep up the good work, Cindy!

and your hair is adorable. those curls are amazing.