Friday, September 19, 2008

Carb Depleted Girl

It is around 3 the afternoon of Day One. In addition to carb depletion I may have a little bit of caffeine depletion going on. I have replaced my coffee beverages which include milk, etc. (carbs galore) with plain tea - black tea, chai, herbal ginger, etc. I like tea so it is not a huge thing. But I have my moments. Funny how I associate my creamy coffee and my frozen coffee with certain things.

Food has been exact as to plan. I started craving a meal about a half hour ago, shortly after lunch but I staved it off with hot tea. I really want my protein shake but I am going to hold off. I have three more meals, basically - the shake, then dinner, then a snack. When I look at the plan it looks like plenty of food. But I am starting to feel the depletion. I feel a little bit like I am going to wilt.

I have only done two File Room trips due to circumstances beyond my control - work deadlines and school nurse trip. I felt fine in the a.m. but this past one felt a little harder. I am focusing more on sticking to the food plan rather than getting tons of exercise during this week one. But I want to keep up some kind of minimum just to maintain my habit of exercise itself.

Gotta run, work is very busy...probably a good thing..less time to ponder missing carbs! It feels good to be doing this plan, doing something new, something drastic. I think weight loss and fitness has become a hobby.

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