Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Present in the Moment Day 5

Without the distraction of food (decisions about what to eat, guilt about what I ate, effects of high starch and sugar), I feel more present in what I am doing. I appreciate things more. I appreciate food more, too. When I am eating I enjoy the taste of the food and the fact that I can eat it without that feeling of guilt, living on the edge, anxiety or any other distracted feelings I had before. I feel like every meal is nourishment and a blessing for my body.

I have been using spices more, chili powder on my chicken breast, a blend of whole pepper corns for my salads. I used a generous amount of garlic sliced up in my "strir fry" with my broccoli last night. I can enjoy the tastes and the feeling of fullness, and good health.

But it isn't just meals, I feel more present in the other things I do. I probably used food to distract myself. Quick digesting food that overwhelmed me at times too. Even though I have been eating less the past couple of years and eating a far better diet than before, to some extent I was still drugging myself with food.

The slower digesting food seems to have a calming and stabilizing impact. I know I will be adding carbs soon but even then they will be lower on the glycemic index. I don't want to go back to the old ways. It is too much nicer to be free of the roller coaster. I know it has only been four days but I feel a big difference.

Today I am grateful for all the little moments that put together a day. Some moments we want to pass and some of them, for me anyway, we might like to stay in for a long time. Those I like to savor and acknowledge the most.

I have stuck to the plan, which is amazing for me. The only thing off my plan I did last night was I had a boiled egg between dinner and evening snack. I was preparing daughter a "power salad" and I could not resist the freshly boiled egg. The kids are eating healthier, too because I am preparing better food for them. It is just a natural progression of things.

Did my morning File Room Workout - increased my push up set to 15 and did 2 sets!! I did it after my power coffee shake (coffee chilled blended with vanilla protein shake) so perhaps that accounts for some of the energy but I don't care, I was at 12 push ups per set.

More will be revealed.


Laura N said...

That's it exactly! You have such a way of putting the right touch with words on your thoughts. I feel the same exact way. And you know, it's only day 5, but you can see the future of how this is a totally doable plan, and I can tell you from experience that it does just keep getting better. It's work--I won't lie, it's so much easier to drive through fast food for lunch & dinner than it is to prepare my "diet food." But the payoff is SO worth the extra effort. And the extra effort isn't so much effort when you are getting results.

I'm just tickled to be sharing this experience with you. And yep, the carbs next week are really really gentle ones. You won't feel the spike in blood sugar at all. One of my favorites has been a microwaved sweet potato, take off the skin, mash it up with a fork & sprinkle splenda & cinnamon and some spray butter on it. It's dessert. And totally legal on B&C days in week 2.

I hope you can get Ezekial bread, too. My healthfood store has it. It's expensive, but worth it to have real bread. I like it toasted a lot. I got the sesame kind, which is what Wendy describes in the book, but they have tons of flavors.

Keep on keeping on!!

Helen said...

I think I need to get this book...you and Laura sound so happy!! But I'm so not a one for someone telling me exactly what to eat every day...not sure I could do that for the long-term and, for me, that's a key. Maybe just to kickstart though...

Vickie said...
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