Saturday, September 20, 2008

Day 2 - I am SO Excited!!!!!!!

Day one went well. I did feel the depletion but it was not bad. I even went out last night for a little while to meet someone for tea. That's another story in itself, on my Internets dating blog. Anyway, back to the important stuff. I am three pounds down. One pound away from my normal BMI!!!! This gain-back that happened in July is going away. And I am seeing where I have grabbed for carbs in my daily eating instead of protein. I don't think my diet was very balanced before. It was far better than the past, and it enabled me to lose an maintain loss but it will not get me to where I want to be and keep me there.

So, on to true fitness. At least, that is how I am looking at it. I took a walk this morning. Not a huge one, but a walk to the swan pond with Dog. I want to keep a minimum of exercise going but not pushing myself. I was tired yesterday in the afternoon, and a bit weaker in the file room as the day went on but nothing drastic. I am focusing on learning to fuel the body right now. But I do not want to lose the discipline of regular exercise. So, I will still do something each day, and at the normal times that I exercise. If I feel weak, I will do less. But keep the habit going.

I am sipping my blended coffee protein shake with MANY THANKS to Laura for the idea. I blended coffee with ice and my protein powder. It is good. I did not so much miss my coffee yesterday because I had chai tea, which I love. This program is very do-able for me. I have already cooked up a supply of protein. I have eggs, broccoli, and lettuce ready. And cheese. I am not going off the charts with fats. I am using the olive oil and 2% on the cheese, 4% on the cottage cheese. I want my fats, but I don't want to overdo it. Olive oil is a healthy fat. I hope that's not a bad idea.

I feel optimistic this morning. Not deprived, not worried I can't do this. I don't think I could have done in the beginning. But since I already have the discipline of planning, tracking and following a plan, however loosely, it is not a rude shock on me to do it. And the food is normal food that I enjoy eating and am used to having as the main part of my diet.

We will see how I feel later. I feel like I am detoxing and getting rid of the bloat and gain from July. It is a good feeling. FINALLY, what a relief.

Later Update - I actually went to the gym for a workout around 4:30. It was great. 3 pm seems to be my trouble zone. After hanging out avoiding food, I decided to go somewhere, leave the house. I ended up at an auto parts store near the gym to replace a headlight. After the nice man put it in for me I felt so happy I popped over to the gym. It is post dinner time and I feel good. Satisfied. There is this short period at the end of meals where I want to go on eating or I want something, like a carb, maybe..hee hee. But it goes away after a while. Especially if I just get busy, drink water and distract myself...

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Jim said...

I've just discovered your blog(s), and I've found the reading to be fascinating. You've got some diet concepts that are new to me ("depletion" -- what's that?), so I've bookmarked this and I'm going to come back here and read some more. Best wishes.