Monday, September 22, 2008

Day 4...I feel like a high performance machine...

After my morning coffee protein shake I feel like a focused, energized, high performance machine. I am so glad I did not have to give up my coffee beverage. In fact, the vanilla shake blended with the coffee is even better than the one I have been buying at my favorite coffee spot!

Yesterday I probably had the most "depleted" feelings. But I managed to clean in my room, go to church, and run to the local discount department store (this usually overwhelms me) for some things we needed. It was a good day. Evening I found myself quite tired but the logical thing was to go to bed. I am supposed to be tired at night, right? That's something about carbs and me. The sugaring up in the evening kept me UP when maybe I should have just allowed myself to feel tired and, well, go to bed. Addicts minds do not always work in a logical fashion.

There's been talk about addicts minds. I have one so I can relate to all talk of that sort. I see where I reach for the quick dissolving/digesting foods to get that feeling which is a high. I have been noticing how I feel eating the steady protein and fewer, way fewer carbs. I do not feel the depression or moods I normally feel. I feel the "depleted-ness" but I know what it is from. This is an interesting experience. I am learning first hand how food effects me. I was another pound down today which is a good motivator but I look for this to stop soon, or slow up. Or even fluctuate. I like it but I don't want to get hooked on the scale, either. Balance. Balance. Balance.

Exercise yesterday was minimal. Some push ups and a mad house cleaning in the afternoon in anticipation of people coming to look at spots appearing on the upstairs ceiling. Yikes, roof trouble. Glad it's not technically my roof. But I don't like having work done. And I don't want a caving in roof. I have been more interested in cleaning my house while on this cracking the code journey. I like that part. I am finding ways to stay busy without reaching for the carb high.

I feel like an addict in detox. I may be "seeing the light" for the first time.

More will be revealed!


Laura N said...

Cindy you are describing the physical results of the diet very well. I had a very similar experience the first week on Day 3, which is the worst day for feeling depleted. Day 4 & on, you have more energy. I'm really glad your mind is staying clear. I felt a little muddled for a few days (not bad, but was "off"). It cleared up around day 4 or 5, though.

You are doing so great!!!!

Jodie said...

Loved reading your blog. I went through everything you wrote. It's so crazy to see what the need for food does to us. Sounds like you're doing great on it. Seeing results helps motivate you, that and not starving!

Keep it up. You are doing awesome!

Bea said...

Hi. I am supposed to be finding a place for us to stay in Yellowstone but I am reading your blog instead. I completely agree about the carbs. The less of them I eat the better I feel. Atkins worked like a charm for me. But, I wanted oatmeal, fruit and yogurt. I am back to using Kay's plan and would be fine if we would stop going places and being invited out! Good luck with the diet you lean keen high performance machine.

Vickie said...
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