Thursday, September 18, 2008

Prepped and Ready

I bought the book. I bought the groceries. I read, am still reading the book. I planned my meals tomorrow and packed for work. Tommorow I start the Crack the Fat-Loss Code 8 week cycle. I got overwhelmed for a while getting ready. I am excited about it actually. If I just focus on one day at a time I don't get overwhelmed. I have what I need for tomorrow, and probably the weekend. I am mentally ready. I have followed South Beach phase one which is a carb reduction plan, so I have an idea what to expect in the beginning.

I need to go to bed. I plan to keep up with exercise since I don't do that much anyway. I am very tired today for some reason. I can expect to be tired with the diet change as well. I am following Laura's lead on this. She has results....the kind I want!! I have been stalled with my gain for over a month, going on two. I want get moving and get to a goal. In a healthy way, of course. So this program teaches a lifestyle, eventually, and that's what I like. I like education about nutrition and realistic food plans.

So tomorrowFriday - is day one.

More will be revealed.


Bea said...

Gad I don't blog for a week and everything changes. Yea! I am learning to embrace change. What book, what plan? I loved the file room exercise plan. I am going to learn some yoga on Monday. One of the ladies in our church teaches it! Unfortunately she is a snow bird and will be leaving in October. I am hoping to learn enough before she goes to be able to do it on my own all winter. Curves is next on the list. I am hesitant about this because when it starts to snow I will be driving twenty miles over icy roads to get there. But heck I'll bet in the cities people drive long distances to get to the gym. I am moving forward, slowly. But at least I have begun to move. Take care. Lynn

Helen said...

Good luck!! Can't wait to hear all about it... :-)