Sunday, September 21, 2008

Day 3 Still EXCITED!!!!!

This is working great for me. I feel like I am recovering from over-carbing (perhaps a new term) for a long time. Even during my weight loss I still was heavy at times on the carbs and I see how that impacted me. I feel like my concentration level is better even on my depletion days than it was before I was doing this. Hard to explain but I feel better, even though I feel the "carb depletedness" at times. It is not that bad. I was able to go for a walk yesterday morning and then go to the gym for my usual workout routine in the afternoon. And the scale is down 4 pounds. It may be bloat and water but I don't care. I was sick of that bloat and water. I feel like I am making progress and eating healthier.

I have my moments. Usually right after my big meal at lunch and dinner I feel like I want something, or want to go on eating. That's me wanting a sweet, I think, a fruit, more carbs, more food. I have always had that impulse after a meal, to go on and on. But a nice hot tea should do the trick, perhaps a chai which is spicy and also comes in decaf. I may go to the store and pick up some teas - apple cinnamon is a good dessert tea. The aroma is nice, too and smelling it and the warmth of it may sooth the craving. I also notice that if I get busy and time passes that feeling of wanting to eat more goes away after a while. So a walk, a good book, even a TV show, anything but food is most likely a good idea.

Evening eating consists of my snack, and nothing else. I went to bed early last night. The snack is supposed to be two hours before bed. I have protein at every meal. There is a plan of 6 meals but a minimum of 4. The first day I did all 6 but yesterday only got in 5. The idea is to keep the nourishment coming regularly and protein at each interval. I like this very much. I think I was protein depleted most of the time. I tried to be balanced in my eating but did grab for the quick carbs. I think if I analyzed my diet it would have been heavily weighted in carbs. Carbs, the right kind are good, I learned that from South Beach, but balance is what I seek and I tend to sway over to the fast carbs, sugars, starches and not enough protein.

We will see what this brings me. I have not read too much ahead about how I will be eating in the next week. I understand the concept but I am still in the nutritional education part of the book and my cycle 1. I do not want to get overwhelmed thinking of next week or the week after that. I have thought about my business trip near the end of October and what cycle that will be in, but then I decided not to worry about that. If I stay in the here and now it is so much simpler. If I think about next month, week or even tomorrow I get all nervous.

I would be fine with no exercise today but if I feel like it I will. I won't push myself, however. Doing things around the house would be nice and a walk. A couple of hand weights. I did no push ups yesterday, so I may try one or two or a set whenever I am feeling my highest level of energy. In the past I could be real good at working out, but lousy at eating or I could be real good at eating and then let my exercise slip to next to nothing. I want a real balance. Both. But I do not do well if I push myself to be the work out queen, a simple workout is best for me, the habit of doing it even if it is not super woman stuff.

I think I have been a little bored lately, since getting back from vacation, kids starting school, kicking the Weed out of my life, etc. It is nice and stable and peaceful but I found myself a bit bored and reaching for that carb high. Now I turn to doing stuff. I even went to a garage sale and poked around yesterday. I surf the web on diet sites, read, ANYTHING to stay out of the quick food fix. I did stuff before but now I am trying to do it more often. It does not have to be some giant social event or much at all. Just a diversion of my attention. Flipping through a magazine, etc. Simple things to do without leaving the house. I got invited to a picnic yesterday but did not feel like going, the choice was there but I found other things to do. I got invited to something today but not really feeling like going. I will make my church stuff and then see what happens.

More will be revealed!

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