Thursday, September 18, 2008

In a Good Space

I feel recovered from my sugar episode. No damage on the scale but it lingers in my appetite. Yesterday I went to the gym after work. That was a great way to transition into the evening. I was pretty hungry when I got home but I ate raw broccoli, veggie "chicken" patty and an apple and felt pretty good. I don't recall if I had anything else. That would be miraculous. The workout was a boost at the end of the day. I may try to do that more often. Since the gym is close, and on the way home I was not later than six thirty getting home.

I am in a good space mentally and emotionally. I have been very productive at work, my attention span seems to be better lately. I am not wallowing so much in the "bad relationship" past. I talked to a friend last night who is a little older than me. She had been finding herself going over regrets of past jobs and the years she spent in them. I said I'd been doing the same with relationships. She laughed happily and said she'd already done that, and it would pass! It made me feel good. I have been isolating a bit and not talking to people much. I think I felt shame over the getting back with the Weed. I need to get over that. That is what the therapist is for.

So, on I go with my packed healthy food. Albacore tuna, salad greens, a green pepper, some yellow squash, my trusty high fiber cereal with low fat milk. Giving myself a clean slate. This crisp fall morning is too bright to doom myself with negative thoughts!!

More will be revealed...


Laura N said...

Good for you. I agree that an end of the day workout does wonders. I always feel so much calmer after a busy work day, when I get to workout in the evenings.

Tuna recipe for you, if you like curry.

~3 oz white tuna, 1 Tbsp lemon juice (I use the kind in the yellow plastic bottle in the produce section), 1 Tbsp light mayo, 3/8 tsp curry powder. Mix it all together, then add a big handful or so of broccoli slaw. I love this for my afternoon protein/fat/veggie snack. It's very filling.

Hope you have a great weekend (we're almost there!).

Helen said...

Thanks for your comment and for this makes me feel like I can drag my ass back to The Drastic and DO IT. I think I need to get that book...what is it?

Laura N said...

Cindy, I'm excited you are going to do the diet! The first week does have more fat, but just the first week. At least from the way I understand it. Have you ever done lo carb? If not, it will be a strange experience for you the first week. You do have to eat more fat so you aren't so hungry and so your body will function. It's a rough week. Some people even get scatter brained.

I did learn to drink coffee with only one splenda, which is miraculous for me. Ha.

A meal that saved me during the first week, and that I still eat and just made again tonight--Crack Slaw.

I make this in a wok because you need a lot of space to stir. This is a single batch recipe, but I usually double it (but when I double it I only use 1 & 1/2 bag of slaw--everything else is double).

Brown a pound of ground sirloin or ground chuck (lean beef). Drain. Wipe out the wok and add 1 Tbsp of sesame seed oil (in the oriental section) over med-high heat. Add 2 cloves minced garlic (I use the jarred minced stuff & usu. add 2 tsp, but I LOVE garlic!) & 3 sliced green onions (I skip these 'cause I don't like em). Stir fry for a minute to brown garlic lightly, then add a 16 oz bag of broccoli cole slaw (this has a few carrots, but I ate them anyway on the 1st week & it didn't seem to hurt). You could use 1/2 head of shredded cabbage instead, if you prefer that to broc. slaw.

Stir fry the slaw for a couple minutes, then add 1 Tbsp lite soy sauce & 1 Tbsp rice vinegar. Stir fry another minute or so, until the broccoli softens a tad. Then add the drained beef back in, sprinkle with crushed red pepper flakes if you like it a little spicy (I shake it like 4 times and that's it, but I don't like things hot). Combine beef & broccoli until cooked through.

I measure out generous 1 cup servings into freezer bags (I get 4-5 servings per single batch), and then store those freezer bags in a gallon freezer bag & freeze. I take one to work almost every day for lunch. It has the right amount of flavor & crunch, and is very satisfying.

I use broc. slaw a ton. I cook a handful in my egg pan with Pam spray for a few minutes, then scramble my eggs with them. It makes the eggs crunchy, which is nice when you can't have toast with them that first week.

PLEASE let me know if you have questions.

You can email me at my work email, and I'll get it faster than my blog email during the day. It's

Good luck! I'll be here for ya, girlfriend.