Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day One Update

After declaring my plan (a form of independence in itself) I relaxed in front of my morning fire, read a few blogs until my stomach growled for a while. Then I decided to have breakfast. I made my spinach omelet. I used cloves of garlic and cracked black pepper. Two medium eggs. It was very yummy and satisfying. I am having as much ice water as I can drink because yesterday was a high salt day. I am detoxing. Detoxing involves flushing out with water. I am sipping my coffee slow. I am cutting down on coffee, but slowly.

But this post really is not about food. It's about celebrating life. I put in a CD that my daughter made for me (she does it for Christmas and Birthdays). I suddenly felt energized and began doing some housework. I felt like dancing. My body felt light. Here's the deal. My body is not that bad. In fact it's in pretty good shape relative to where I started from. I feel agile and strong at the Warehouse. I feel capable. I am going to focus on the good things. I have a plan. I have a good starting point. Far better than my starting point in 2005.

The kids are off doing good things. Grandson went to a football practice. He is getting involved with boys in this neighborhood playing football for fun. It is great. He is finally settling in and this is Home. It took two years but I feel like we are there. Daughter spent the night with a friend. This friend is my favorite of all her friends. When she is with this one she gets positive ideas like playing music again, and joining the gym. It's a friend from old neighborhood who moved to this area a year or so ago. They are not in the same school district but she is closer in driving distance. I am so happy to know what my kids are doing.

As for me, I am enjoying a fire, reading here and there, cleaning here and there and doing whatever I feel like doing in the moment. I have music blasting. This is my couple of hours. I am not pressured by anything at all. We will go to Mom and Dad's in the afternoon. We will celebrate Dad's 80th birthday. I will relax and enjoy being with Mom. I have feelings sometimes like a child wanting my "mommy" and I even say it today and tonight and part of tomorrow I will have my mommy. I don't need her to take care of me anymore but just being there with her gives me that feeling of security. I will relish it. Mom will cook. I can help clean up and do some chores for her if needed. But mostly it is about being there. Just being there.

So it's a present moment kind of day. I was talking to Daughter about present moment stuff on the way to school the other day. Pointing out how much we can enjoy the present moment and not worry about the future. Especially when we never know what will happen anyway. For example, if we waste a bunch of time worrying about my next job, or lack thereof, and I get a groovy new job and we don't skip a financial beat, won't we feel silly? I told her that last night on the way to friend's house. We had a chuckle over it.

I also noticed my back is doing remarkably well with all the Warehouse lifting. Perhaps the HRT and perhaps the exercise...but I am celebrating that today, too!

There's always something good to focus on. I choose the good for today.


LG said...

I had a thought about your warehouse project -- can you wear any kind of MP3 player? You can listen to music or even download NPR shows to make it go, well, not faster but more tolerable. (I was thinking of Scheherazade with her 1001 tales...if you all keep going slowly maybe it will last longer...)

It's good that you are taking care of yourself. (I'm going to google how to make a spinach omelet. I know I'd like one.)

Your grandson has made great strides over the past two years; you two are lucky to have each other. You are always so filled with gratitude and calmness. You are an inspiration.

Vickie said...
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