Thursday, March 12, 2009

Not Eating Cupcakes

I spent today at the Warehouse digging through boxes of documents, lifting, stooping, bending, running up and downstairs. I liked the physical part. The brain work was OK but tedious. It is part of the Project. The "end of an era" Project. So I got lots of exercise and I am happy about that. Yesterday was stressful. I started at the Warehouse but had to go back to the office for the afternoon and then had to unexpectedly leave early and get Grandson. Daughter had a school project and needed supplies. I had to take work home to prep for today at the Warehouse. Grandson lost his phone while out running around with friends in the evening. I had to pick him up not long after finishing shopping with Daughter. I was trying to do my work, too. Time is running out on Warehouse Project because it has one of those corporate BS unrealistic Deadlines...

So then came the set up. Daughter made a batch of cupcakes for a school project. Get this, she only needed one cupcake for the project. So She made a big mess and then stressed out and went to her room for a bit planning to clean up later (I did not know the plan). I come downstairs feeling stressed and see huge mess and un-iced cupcakes. Of course to this food junkie the most important task was icing those cupcakes - so I could put them away - yea right. So I commence to icing the cupcakes. I try to get Grandson to eat one and he refuses. I start popping cupcakes like drugs or something. And let me tell you they felt like a drug at the time. Sugar Ecstasy or something. I had five. They were kinda small (yea, that's it, small) This is bad I know. Then I came to my senses and stopped ant went upstairs, hating myself only for a few minutes, surrendering and moving on.

Today I ate boiled eggs at the warehouse, a protein bar and a tangerine, a piece of cheese and some coffee. I made a huge salad with salmon when I got home and ate that. I then saw cupcakes (why don't the darn kids eat them - I am gonna throw them out) I had one bite and said "nothing doing" and put it down. No cupcakes. No deal. I am over it. Food was good for a few days and that's all for the BS of cupcakes. So I am sitting in front of the fire with my computer NOT EATING CUPCAKES - I think I will have some carrots.

This is a stressful time. Warehouse Project takes up my time but I get e mails from people wanting me to do Normal Job. Normal Job still exists. But tomorrow is Friday and I will run around Warehouse most of the day. Lifting, stooping, bending and getting my workout!!



Vickie said...
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Helen said...

I like the Warehouse part of your're getting exercise and getting paid to do it! ;-)

Sorry The Attack Of The Killer Cupcakes hit your house...freeze them, force the kids to eat them or toss them, but GET THEM OUT!! ;-)

Laura N said...

Cake is one of my kryptonites. I'm powerless over it. Actually this week I made Roni's Big Simple Cupcakes & ate almost the entire batch by myself. But, like you, I'm done & over it. I got in a run tonight & have eaten well today, & I'm having hot herbal tea while reading blogs & watching The Incredibles with the family. No more cake. No more food as drug tonight.

You have a lot of stress right now. And you are doing your best. And your best is getting better. Keep at it. We will get this weight off!!!!

I'll be sure to let you know what our schedule is for Sophie's trip to St Louis. That first appointment is just with the doctor, then I guess we'll go back & have tests another time (if she has tests, which I assume she will). Maybe on April 8th we can meet around lunch time?