Monday, March 23, 2009


I had a nice relaxing weekend. I cleaned in the main living area and it made for pleasant relaxation time. I did it on my terms. The numberless talking scale cheered for me this morning and told me I was 1.5 pounds below my starting weight. That was nice. I know I can do better with my food but I feel more stability in my choices. I need to lower the volume/portion size now. I got used to eating more. Overall it was a fine weekend.

I worked from home today adding to the relaxed feeling I have right now about things. I had a very odd an unexpected stomach ache this morning. I could not even stand up straight. I used a heating pad because it felt like a big cramp. I fell asleep with the heating pad and woke up feeling better. I got a nibble on a resume I sent out Friday night from home. I have a phone screen with an HR person Wednesday morning. I was a little alarmed at the thought of actually interviewing, and changing jobs sooner rather than later. I sent the resume out because it was a job I felt qualified for and with a good company. I am not that pumped about it, though really. It did feel good to get a response and a response so soon. I think I needed some positive reinforcement in that area. I had decided to stay put until the bitter end last week so I could get my severance pay. But we will see. I wish I could find a job where I could work from home. It feels so good to be home.

Not much else happening. I feel sedated from all my rest. I slept 9.5 hours one of the weekend nights, I can't recall which one. I guess I will need to get some exercise soon!


Helen said...

Good luck's always nice to be offered a job even if you don't take it! :-)

Doc Manette said...

That is great about the job interview! Sounds like you had a restful and relaxing weekend.