Saturday, March 21, 2009

"If I Feel Like It"

I took some work to the coffee house this morning. I finished a tedious contract in record time. I would rather not be working this morning but being at the cozy coffee house on the comfy chair or couch makes it much more tolerable, relaxing in fact. I am finished in the warehouse. My body feels good having had all that exercise for so many days. Now I will have to go back to the gym or ride my bike, etc. for exercise rather than getting it while I am working. It was handy having a job that gave me an automatic workout.

My food has been good. I feel normal again. I feel like eating right naturally without a struggle. I feel calm and peaceful. What a relief. The warehouse project brought new or re-newed appreciation from my boss. She brought us breakfast on Thursday and authorized my request to expense a lunch out for me, my warehouse buddy and the warehouse manager. It was nice. We went out, sat down, got waited on and had good food together. I had healthy and tasty food. Grilled Mahi Mahi - what a yummy treat. Had not had that in years. We all appreciated the luxury, especially in light of impending unemployment!!

I have made no weekend commitments. None. I made sure of it. I do need to finish this contract but I am doing it on MY TERMS in a relaxing environment. If I tried doing it at home I'd feel pressured and distracted. But here I feel relaxed and focused. I may switch to another coffee house if I feel like it. But I am making it a positive experience overall. The house is messy and if I feel like it I will do some cleaning or organizing. Only if I feel like it. Only if it makes me feel good to do it. Theme for the weekend is rest, and appreciation of what I have. I put in some long hours and I will have a fat paycheck in return. I appreciate that very much. The kids are well and doing things they like. We are getting along well together. I have much to be grateful for.

I may lay around and watch movies if I feel like it. Operable phrase for the weekend is "if I feel like it" - and that feels really good!!!!

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Helen said...

Feeling like being good to you?! What a great concept! ;-)

LOVE your new photo...gorgeous! :-)