Friday, March 6, 2009

I Love Friday Just Because

Ahhhhhhhhhhh Friday. Still feel sloshy. But I am feeling better. Appears I am not alone in my battle of the bulge. Panic set in when it got in the low 80's today and I thought of my summer clothes. I hate wearing lots of clothes when it's hot. I like thin things and shorts or capri's. I hate feeling hot and stuffy in suffocating garb. So I decided to face facts and I got in the closet tonight. Besides, I wanted to enjoy the evening air and my jeans were hot. I tried on the 8's in a capri and shorts. I was thrilled that they zipped - thank goodness for stretch fabric. The fit is snug. and wearable, but there's this poof that pours over the waistline. "No biggie," I thought. I can take this on. I have been in far worse situations! So I am feeling pretty good tonight. I stuck with nice healthy low salt stuff and I am finished eating for the day, lounging in my chaise - which is still sitting in front of the fire place. I have to move it back to it's Summer spot in the living room since there won't be a fire this weekend. I'd like one more fire though before the season ends.

My weight was up a couple pounds this a.m. and it pissed me off but I am over it now. It's gonna go right back down. Soon. I am back to basic good healthy behavior and the past is the past. I did not try on my 6's but I only have a couple of those anyway. I was not going to set myself up for disappointment. I can trim off the winter bulge and get over it all. I know what to do and I accept it now. Not going to make this a battle with myself or a self loathing episode. I have come too far in healing my relationship with me. Hooray for that.

As for work, I find it better not to engage in talk with other employees about the job loss situation. Most folks get pretty negative eventually when we go there. I am dedicated to staying as positive as I can. I have moments of blue anyway and I don't need to add any more. A guy I worked with in the past called yesterday and asked how I was doing. He had heard about the plans to move our jobs to Ohio. I told him I was fine but asked could I use him as a reference. He said of course, and that he'd love to have me working with/for him. I said I could not move to southern CA for a couple of years yet and he said everything is e-mail and phones these days anyway. So I said I'd be glad to work from home with regular trips to SoCal. And I sent him my resume. He forwarded it to some VP lawyers. Maybe they will create me a position working from home. My dream job. Working from home with trips to CA! It's tedious contracting work, but at least I know I am qualified.

On a side note I got the new washer and dryer today, compliments of landlord. Our washer broke and landlord let me shop for the new set. I bought them and took it off the rent. They are humming away in the background as I write. More capacity. Brand new. Makes laundry almost exciting. But not quite. The kids are way more excited about the new appliances than I am. That's funny. Serious laundry doers they are, and I am proud of them for it.

Well anyway, I am not quite as sloshy tonight and I am having an optimistic moment so I am going to savor it. Daughter is visiting a friend. Grandson went jogging with a new buddy in the neighborhood and is home now - doing laundry ..hee hee. So all is well in my world.


Vickie said...
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Laura N said...

Man I'm going to remember to make my kids learn to love laundry. It's my least favorite chore.

The job prospect sounds exciting. Visiting So Cal on a regular basis would be awesome. Keep us posted.

You are doing great, Cindy.