Monday, March 16, 2009

One Day

I have one day. One day of eating my planned food. One day of not eating anything else. I was prepared at the Warehouse. I had my own meals. When I took my partner with me to get bottled water she got junk food but I did not have any. She had ice cream and cracker jack. I had raw veggies. It felt good. It also feels good to be finished eating for the day. Knowing I can go to bed satified having followed a plan.

We had a productive day at the Warehouse but we won't finish tomorrow. I think I will be there a few more days. I felt good at the end of the day, though. No longer overwhelmed. I am going to go to bed as early as I can tonight, get a good night's sleep and start again tomorrow. I am so happy to have stayed on my little program today.

More will be revealed.


LG said...

I think we all have an infinite number of Day Ones. it's frustrating when you know what you want to do with your Day One and it looks differently than you planned. But sometimes, we forget that there are other things going on (like your visit to your dad, etc.) and we get sidetracked. I still think you've done a great job with these side visits. Look at what you would have done in the past. Look at how you're dealing with your problematic Day Ones. Some beating up but really overall, I get the sense that you're looking objectively, saying, oops and moving forward. In short: forgiving yourself. It's a trait I admire since I am very incapable of doing it for myself. Be good to yourself.

Laura N said...

There better be an infinite number of Day One's allowed. I know I sure need them right now. I keep telling myself, tomorrow I will start Cracking again! But it hasn't happened yet. I'm starting to have Crack-like meals, but I'm no where near a plan. And a plan is the only thing that's really going to get this weight off again.

Yay you on eating your veggies & passing on the sugar! Glad you are finding the positive in the warehouse task.

Bea said...

I am sneaking up on my Day One. Every day I am trying to make tiny healthier choices. When I get enough tiny choices strung together I will begin my Day One.

Lovely piece you wrote about your Dad. There is a great article in this month's Prevention Magazine about music and Alzheimer's. During the many years I worked in nursing homes I repeatedly saw people who were completely "gone" come back to themselves for a moment during the singing of a favorite piece of music. May be a way to connect with your Dad.

Kudos on Day One. I will be looking forward to hearing about Day Two. Cheers