Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday Notes

Today was the first decent eating day I have had in a while. I can go to bed without regrets. It's day 5 -I think- on the hormones. I have felt some puffiness but that can be reduced by paying attention to what I eat. Just getting back to my lean protein, high fiber, lower carb regimen for a day has made me feel better. I went to gym tonight for cardio. And then I stocked up on my healthy stuff. I have not been eating terribly, but I have not been paying attention and when I don't pay attention the intake steadily increases. So I want to get back to the Drastic - remember the Drastic? Helen invented the Drastic last year I think. It works. It really does!

Speaking of drastic, I sent resumes to three different job opportunities today. I am not in a hurry to leave my current job but since it is going to leave me at some point in the not too distant future, I thought I would at least get into practice. I am not perfectly qualified for any of them and only one of them made me really excited. It is the program chair for a paralegal program at a school. Not a university, a vocational school. It sounded fun. I was fairly warm toward another, a compliance specialist in lending. The other was for drafting contracts and proposals for sales people in a "fast paced, stay late with short notice, strict deadline" environment. Not exactly my cup of tea but I gave it a shot. Now that I think about it, I am qualified for all three as far as I am concerned. I'd need some training here and there but I feel qualified. I want to explore job openings that I feel excited about. I am watching the job market for interesting stuff. Stuff that does not make me go "ick" while reading the description (hee hee).

I am up and down about this new era in my career. Sometimes the idea of interviewing sounds fun and exciting, and then there are moments where I cannot imagine doing it at all. I have not interviewed for a job in seven years I think... So sending resumes and cover letters is the first step. I'd like to land an interview here and there just for practice in anticipation of getting my actual notice. People aren't saying a whole lot at work about the situation. But the "project" is moving forward. I am training for certain "project" related projects this week. My daily duties will change, get busy, get different and then go away. There is an element of excitement in it all but then there is a sad side and a slightly scary side.

Enough of that. I don't want to dwell on that situation. Just take the right steps and then enjoy life. There is much to enjoy in life. Yesterday I had to take each kid to a different doctor. I took several hours off of work to accomplish this. While walking through the medical building with my daughter in search of vending machines (so I could get a diet coke) I had a moment of deep appreciation. We were just giggling around in the medical center hallway and I realized how much fun we were having just going to the doctor. Just being together. I have been doing that a lot lately. Realizing how pleasant the present can be and savoring it, cherishing it.

More will be revealed!! Hopefully on the scale tomorrow morning...well hopefully less will be revealed on the scale tomorrow if I can help it.


jen said...

I love the idea of you in an educational environment -- I think you'd be great at that. By all accounts, vocational schools are good places to work too.

Fingers crossed! Don't underestimate yourself.

Bea said...

Come to Wyoming. Paralegals and legal secretaries are scarce as hens teeth. I know this because all the lawyers in town are looking for one. I too think you would be great in an education environment.

I haven't written a resume in 10 years. I am no longer qualified to do anything. Phooey. I could always clean houses I guess.

Laura N said...

I remember the drastic. I need to start the drastic again. My crack diet bit the dust this weekend, and the 5 pounds I lost is back already (because I've been eating like a crazy person for 5 days). Keep up your healthy, back on track changes & you'll be back in your feel good weight zone soon.

You are smart to get some interview experience in. That's a great way to get practice for when *the* job comes around.

I would LOVE to see you in St. Louis when we come with Sophie. I have no idea what the protocol will be--if we'll be there for one day or a week. But certainly, if we can fit it in your schedule then I'd love to meet you in person!!!!

I know what you mean about enjoying the present with your kids. I've been trying to do that more & more with mine. They are so sweet & so little still. And they are growing up way too fast.

Helen said...

The Drastic works, but it's not maintainable in the form I was doing for three months last year (for me). I need a modified Drastic...I don't have a deadline for losing the weight this time so that could work...and I'm interested in the long-haul.

I have to admit that after over 15 years at my job there is a part of me that's a little jealous that you "get to" explore new career ideas. But then there's the part that has an expensive mortgage and is watching the market get worse and worse and that part is just happy I still have a job.

Good luck with the new possibilities1!!