Monday, January 10, 2011

Evening Note

Okay I did pretty good today but got a tad bit sidetracked when I got home from work. I had high fiber cereal and yogurt instead of my salad. I also cottage cheese and low cal high fiber crackers (one serving) and now I am finished. Had a stressful day at work and stuck to my plan all day. Weather got snowy and slippery on the way home and I slid several times and was kind of freaked out when I got home and was supposed to take daughter to pick up a hedgehog. Yes, she is getting a hedgehog for a pet. But I did not think I wanted to slip and slide back out trying to go get it tonight. We had a snit over it but I stuck to my guns. Her boyfriend took her. He did not think the roads were bad - he must have better tires. I need to get new tires on the front of my car, like tomorrow morning in fact. Anyway I responded by grabbing the cereal and yogurt and I wish I'd waited and had my salad instead but the end result in calories is not bad. But I don't like that I diverted in a moment of stress. For some reason salad did not appeal to me at that moment and I was hungry. So, if I eat no more tonight today will be a pretty good day but not super fantastic. I face the scale in the morning and I want results. I will do better tomorrow. I am determined. I am going to put my jammies on and read and get a good night's sleep.


Helen said...

It really amazes me how well I can eat and how one imperfect meal can screw me up. :-(

Vickie said...
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