Sunday, January 23, 2011

More Snow

We had a nice little snow shower today. Maybe an inch or two. Big fluffy flakes. I walked the dog in it and we had a good time. I felt like I got more of a work out in the snow. We still had seven inches on the ground from last week. I cooked all of my turkey and chicken, weighed out portions and froze them, keeping enough for today and tomorrow in the fridge. I washed, cut and bagged lettuce and baked sweet potatoes. I am ready. Today has been a good food day. I feel tired and a little crampy in my legs now but earlier I felt ok. I had some running around to do and did not get to go by the gym yet. I feel like I could fall asleep right now but I have work to do. I wonder if I am having carb withdrawal. I felt kind of moody earlier. I am eating carbs but not like I was and they are the smart carbs and not the fast acting ones.

I believe I had a pretty good night's sleep. If I get a second wind I will exercise more but right now I honestly feel like I need a nap!\

Update, after reading blogs I am at this moment putting on my shoes and GOING TO THE GYM.

Update, again - I paid my yearly dues, had a workout and took a class schedule home. Hooray!

More will be revealed..

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