Saturday, January 22, 2011


Tonight I bought food. Lots of it. Chicken breasts, turkey breasts, ground turkey, turkey sausage, salmon, cottage cheese. Green vegetables including lots of broccoli. Tomorrow I will cook and feeze the chicken and turkey and clean and cut the veggies. I also bought some frozen veggies. I have my whole oats. I have my boiled eggs. I am going to get my body for life for women book out and read the part about older women and our dietary needs. I went by the gym near where daughter works. It is a branch of the gym to which I belong but need to pay up my yearly dues. The guy could not figure out how to pay by the year so I will pay tomorrow at the one out here. Having one by dauther's job is perfect. I drop her off at 7:30 am, on Saturday - I can go work out directly afterward. Or I can work out before I pick her up. There is nothing to stop me. I have to be out there anyway. There is a gym by work in this same chain. And one near home. I want to enjoy working out again, and look forward to it. But for now even if I have to force myself to go I will go. I want to go I just don't feel like going if that makes sense. I feel it is almost life or death that I do this. Quality of life. Taking care of myself and so on.

More will be revealed.

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