Monday, January 10, 2011

Morning Notes

I am making a commitment to a food plan this morning. I put it together with what I have on hand. I am cooking two eggs and my special toast for breakfast. I have a frozen lunch to heat up for a warm meal of chicken and vegetables. I have two small snacks. Dinner will be salad and turkey and the special toast. And yogurt for the third snack. This is about 1200 calories basically eating six times but smaller meals. I am going to see if this works just for today. I have to start somewhere so I am starting where I am. And, where I am today is far better off than where I was in 2005 when I hit bottom with food and in 2006 when I started blogging. But I am still in a danger zone. The danger of denial, and acceptance of excess weight and excess food. If I don't intervene and do something now I could be back up where I was and further. Plus where I am now is not comfortable for me at all.

I got out my Passing for Thin book last night and began reading it again. It got me started in 2006. It describes the horror of the disease of overeating, but it also describes the hope of recovery from it and the excitement of turning it all around. So that's what I want to do. Recover from a negative pattern of living. Depression and overeating are so mixed up together in my life I need to address both of them together and do anything and everything that works and even be willing to try new suggestions when I can find them.

That's my note and commitment this morning. Also somewhere in this day I know I can fit in some ab exercises and a walk. Probably this evening since I have an early phone meeting I am rushing off to work.


Helen said...

Hey girl! Welcome to the January recommitment team. :-) I am excited about getting to the gym even though I saw no real loss last week when exercising more and eating less. Very disappointing, but I'm hoping I've redistributed some fat into muscle. ;-)

There were so many years when I didn't substantially gain over the holidays and I am confused by this year. The only difference is that I haven't been exercising. So I'm hoping that works...

Vickie said...
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