Sunday, January 16, 2011


I made progress in some key areas yesterday -
Isolation - I attended my favorite support group meeting - Al anon and talked afterward with my good friend who also attends.
Rental property - I showed the house to an interested prospect, but also got a call from a previous prospect who wants to move in on the 5th of February. She is the niece of someone I have known for over ten years who also lives in the area. My friend is a lease administrator and negotiated a higher rent for me with her niece. We are still negotiated on the payment of the additional last month's rent requirement that I now added since people seem to like to skip the last month. There are advantages to the scenario but as with everyone else who has contacted me she has a few issues in the past with credit. She has a significant other that will also be on the lease and I meet him today. It is progress, and it makes me feel good.
Food/health - Saturdays I get up real early to take daughter to her job. I did not sleep well Friday, so after running around in the morning doing what I needed to do, I came home and took a nap. Taking a nap is big progress for me. Napping has been next to impossible in the past. It refreshed me for the rest of the day's activities. Hopefully it helped with the sleep deprived carb cravings that I get. I found myself wanting more carbs but I kept it to the good carbs.
Resisting urges - at bedtime with my yogurt I wanted graham crackers - bad idea - they are food that I recall overeating in the past. I had two. Then I remembered the icky feeling I used to have when I'd eat a whole pack, etc. The idea of eating anymore turned me off. I tried not to regret the two I had, but it felt good to be repulsed by them. They seemed like cardboard - not really food. That is what happens when I use fresh foods or foods that have little processing. The processed foods do not seem like food anymore.
Exercise - Finally resumed the dog walking. Post nap I took him for a short walk - time was limited before I had to leave to pick up daughter. I took a much longer one this morning.

I am reflecting in a healthy way over last year - seeing in what ways I grew and learned, and letting go of regrets, etc. It is a practice I do each year, my end of year review. This one is crammed with stuff but also has the opportunity to be a real triumph, depending on how I look at it.

Got to run but wanted to do my daily post.

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